I met this man at the bottom of Hope street in downtown Los Angeles. Hope passes over 3rd, ¬†and I was able to see down to 3rd street where he was. He’s a homeless man sitting against a steam port. I asked him if I could shoot a photo. He said, yes. The steam was always blowing up and away from him, but every once in a while the winds would shift and the steam would blow against his head. He’d get wet and have to sit there like that dripping wet in the cold. I asked why he didn’t go somewhere dry. He saidRead More →

The tower of Scientology, not to be confused with the Tower of Terror ride at Disneyland.

A little before I shot this, OccupyLA was having it’s clash with the LAPD at City Hall. The LAPD had body slammed a photographer and a video of the incident went out online. After seeing first hand how some members of the LAPD treated fellow human beings, while I was there taking photos, I started reading up on laws, and public spaces, what I can shoot in public and what I can’t. Most of LA has a public sidewalk on at least one side of every street. Property lines start at the edge of the sidewalk, and since I had been reading up on thisRead More →

In Bel-Aire, they don’t fix their onramps, they just get new ones. The 405 fwy crosses Sunset blvd in Bel-Aire. This is a very rich part of town and when I first moved to LA, it’s where I called home. I was staying with a friend’s family at the time. Sunset blvd goes from the coast all the way into downtown, and so I’d watch the cars around me go from Mercedes and BMW’s in Bel-Aire, to junkers deep in Hollywood, then economy cars in the city.  Read More →