The demi-god, Maui is said to have snared the Sun’s rays in his fishing net as it rose over Haleakala. He made a deal to release the Sun only if the Sun promised to go slower over the Hawaiian Islands. Or so the legend goes. I’d like to think he made a deal to produce spectacular sunsets. Either way, here is a beautiful sunset as seen from Upcountry Maui. The clouds were like thin ribbons of gold and pink. Maui produces some of the most amazing sunsets ever. Sometimes you can get lucky and see it twice in the same day by moving to aRead More →

This is opening night of Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles. It was exciting to see so many people out and about in the park. The lights dimmed around the park and all went quiet for a moment as we waited in anticipation. The trumpet player started playing, and the show began. The park takes up about 4 city blocks with smaller gardens and viewing areas throughout.Read More →

This is the North Star over the western end of the San Fernando Valley. It was a breezy day and those always make for clear nights. The nights in the valley are more clear than you’d think. I shoot time lapse photography from time to time and there is usually a pretty good amount of star trails over the valley at night. Of course, if there is a marine layer that rolls in, the lights in the valley bounce off the clouds and light up the valley with a weird orange glow. And even more spectacular than that is when there’s a full moon duringRead More →

Water fountain in Los Angeles. I wish I could say more about it, but it’s pretty much straight forward. It’s a water fountain in Los Angeles. Download it free.Read More →

An experiment in selective focus. Not to be confused with “tilt shift.” Tilt shift referes to a special lens. One that can tilt and shift to correct distortion when shooting architecture. This is just selective focus. The focus is just on the over pass of the 5 freeway. The result is an amusing optical illusion that makes everything appear to be tiny.  It would seem to me that this phenomenon only occurs to us based on previous images we’ve seen of closeup photography. When I look at something small with my eye, selective focus is happening, but you can’t see detect it as easy. InRead More →