An experiment in selective focus. Not to be confused with “tilt shift.” Tilt shift referes to a special lens. One that can tilt and shift to correct distortion when shooting architecture. This is just selective focus. The focus is just on the over pass of the 5 freeway. The result is an amusing optical illusion that makes everything appear to be tiny.  It would seem to me that this phenomenon only occurs to us based on previous images we’ve seen of closeup photography. When I look at something small with my eye, selective focus is happening, but you can’t see detect it as easy. InRead More →

My internal thoughts have been manifested. I absorb everything around me. The ideas bang around like protons. Soon they collide and decay into new thoughts, my thoughts, and the ideas flow out like rivers of light. 2 days later someone spray painted it to look like a clown.Read More →

This is The Valley of Lights. Looking over Universal City, off into the Burbank Airport as a journey begins. This evening I was with my friend AliMiki Hill. We were shooting the Valley at night from the Universal Overlook. It’s a little outcropping on Mulholland Drive. We had been shooting for a little while when this cops voice over a loudspeaker comes on and says something like, “This is the police! You are in a public place after dark, the authorities have been notified of your presence. Vacate the premises.” Again, it was something like that. It was very commanding, and sounded like they really meantRead More →

City trees making their way onto Mulholland Drive. You drive out west on Mulholland expecting to see beautiful wide open night skies, and instead, I just see the city trees. In smaller cities, they call them telephone poles.Read More →

Wilshire blvd crosses the 110 fwy in Downtown LA. I love the way stop and go shows through on a long exposure. Anyone who has ever driven an LA freeway has been in the lane with the van. It seems like EVERYONE else is moving but you.Read More →