Two girls enjoy Black Myst Hookah Lounge right on Hollywood Blvd, not to far from Hollywood and Highland. There is no threshold to pass over when you go from the Hollywood Walk of fame into Black Myst. Because of that detail you get a sense that you’re in an exclusive VIP lounge just off the strip.Read More →

I love this street, it looked like a christmas tree to me. And the negative space looked like a heart. Just in time for holiday sharing. Driving by, I liked the striped look the lights and shadows were creating in the street. I knew I didn’t want the original color so I desaturated to a black and white and when I did I noticed the negative space in the trees looked like a heart. So I added a heart and tried to keep the stripes. Doing that, revealed why I love this street. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, whatever, have a good safe season.Read More →