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Bryan Sides
Bryan Sides
Photo by Ali Miki

As a kid, my family didn’t think of ourselves as poor even though we grew up in a trailer. We considered ourselves poor when our trailer home fell off its jacks and snapped into two pieces.

My mother is an incredible photographer, and I clearly got my eye for photography from her. My father gave me a sense of work ethic, comedy and a little bit of corporate thievery.

Shortly after getting kicked out of high school (see the story below), I moved to Los Angeles. I’ve now lived here with my beautiful wife and 2 kids for over 20 years.

For several years I moonlit as a photographer for online websites. It was during this time that I learned a lot about cameras, models and image processing. I’ve always been a night owl so naturally most of my images tend be shot at night. I do, however, venture out during the day… sometimes.

Special Effects / Creature Design

As I mentioned before, most of my time in LA has been in the special effects industry. My love for gore started early. I was actually expelled from high school because of special effects gone wild. Our school paper covered the event:

Bryan Sides: Prankster & Consummate Special Effects Apprentice
How I began my career in special effects

[The] Talent Show went off with a real bang this year. The bang came with [a student’s] chest exploding all over the gym floor in a gag that backfired. [The student] put a blood pack along with an explosive device on his chest. [As his band played, another student] planned to run up on stage with a fake shotgun. It was planned to look like an assassination of [the band member]. The result, however, looked all too real, and senior Bryan Sides, manufacturer of the device… used, and ironically one of the master of ceremonies of the talent show, was threatened with expulsion.


My goal is to share my art (photo or otherwise) and help anyone I can by sharing my knowledge as well. I’ve picked up a lot of skills along the way, maybe some of my traditional and non-traditional ways of thinking will help people create as well. I hope to continually build and update the tutorials section. If you have any topics that you’d like me to cover, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Art for Sale

I absolutely welcome people to Pin or Facebook link to my art. Please share my work!!! If you’re interested in using my photos for commercial websites or travel blogs, please contact me. If you’d like to purchase any of my art for your home or as a gift, check out my¬†ETSY page. Commissioned pieces are always welcome.

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Don’t be shy, if you have any questions contact me: bryansides@gmail.com



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