hard rock cafe los angeles in the rain at citywalk

hard rock cafe los angeles citywalk
hard rock cafe los angeles citywalk

Hard Rock Cafe

This is the Hard Rock Cafe at the CityWalk in Los Angeles during the rain the reflections were amazing. The people all scattered during the rain, but then a few would venture across the shiny surface. The funny thing is, a few minutes before this, the place had quite a crowd.

The Hard Rock Cafe opened in 1971 in London, then migrated to Canada 8 years later. By 1982 the Hard Rock Cafe had landed in Los Angeles. They are now in more than 50 countries around the world.

A few years ago, in South Carolina, Hard Rock International tried to open a theme park. No joke! It opened on April 2008 and by September they were filing for Chapter 11. A new company bought the Hard Rock Park and renamed it, but it only lasted a year. Poor attendance was the reason given for shutting down.

Hard Rock’s music archive contains over 70,000 pieces of music memorabilia and according to wikipedia is one of the largest collections in the word. Oddly enough, it doesn’t claim to be the largest. With over 170 Hard Rock locations world wide, it’s hard to imagine there’s a collection larger, but apparently there is.

What I like about this image is that it serves my visual appeal while showcasing a themed restaurant posing as an audio art entity. I normally wouldn’t risk ruining my camera for shots like this, but I couldn’t resist.  The bright neon reflecting off the ground. The brave, umbrellaless people had to walk with their shoulders up to somehow shield the rain. The fact that I only heard the rain, the sounds of nature, while looking at this chain restaurant had a deeper sense of juxtapose than normal.



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