Not Tilt Shift, it’s Selective Focus

selective focus of the 5 fwy
It looks so much bigger in person

An experiment in selective focus. Not to be confused with “tilt shift.” Tilt shift referes to a special lens. One that can tilt and shift to correct distortion when shooting architecture. This is just selective focus. The focus is just on the over pass of the 5 freeway. The result is an amusing optical illusion that makes everything appear to be tiny. ┬áIt would seem to me that this phenomenon only occurs to us based on previous images we’ve seen of closeup photography. When I look at something small with my eye, selective focus is happening, but you can’t see detect it as easy. In person, you’re only looking at the object you’re focusing on. When you look at the blurry background, you’re eye focuses on the background. So this can only occur in photography.