The Church of Scientology

church of scientology
The tower of Scientology, not to be confused with the Tower of Terror ride at Disneyland.

A little before I shot this, OccupyLA was having it’s clash with the LAPD at City Hall. The LAPD had body slammed a photographer and a video of the incident went out online. After seeing first hand how some members of the LAPD treated fellow human beings, while I was there taking photos, I started reading up on laws, and public spaces, what I can shoot in public and what I can’t. Most of LA has a public sidewalk on at least one side of every street. Property lines start at the edge of the sidewalk, and since I had been reading up on this stuff, I was excited to put this new found invincibility knowledge into play. I placed my tripod on the sidewalk with two of the legs as close as I could get to the edge closest to the Scientology building. Once I was done shooting, I was curious to push some boundaries.

I crossed over that edge, I swear it was only a few inches and in less than 30 seconds a guy dressed in black was right next to me asking if I needed assistance. He was a Scientologist. They roam all around the buildings at night, all dressed alike. My wife and I witnessed one woman in black with a clip board walking around. The lady met up with three men in black with briefcases, yes briefcases and yes at night. What I want to know is, why are these people all dressed alike, meeting and greeting each other at all hours of the night, but celebrity Scientologists don’t. I told the man in black that I was just leaving. Creepy place, at night.